The History of the Canoe – Part 2

Continuing our history of the canoe we look how the craft evolved as a leisure boat rather than its earlier role as a workhorse for the fur traders of North America. American sporting magazines and early media built up a demand for canoes as a great method of pursuing leisure activities. Stores sold canoes as a way of getting-away-from-it-all and […]

The History of the Canoe – Part 1

Canoes are always associated with fun and leisure, but it has not always been that way. Originally canoes were made from materials that were close to the waterways that they traveled on. This meant mostly tree bark or animal skins and wood that could be gathered from around the lakes, rivers and beaches that surrounded the waters. Today canoes are […]

How to Kayak – Part 2

The second part of How to Kayak gets more into the pastime of kayaking, how to handle the boats and what safety equipment you would normally use. In part one we learned about what types of materials kayaks are made out of, and what activities they can be used for. Paddles Continuing where we left off regarding paddles, the blades […]

How to Kayak – Part 1

Kayaking is a pastime enjoyed by many, either in a group activity or just paddling around as part of your leisure time. If you have never tried kayaking before it is never too late to take up this get-up-and-go activity and this blog is concerned with learning the skills, technique and all about the equipment of kayaking. The kayak is […]

The World’s Best Whitewater for Kayaking – Part 2

We grab our paddles and kayaks once more in search of the best whitewater the world has to offer. In part one we traveled to mysterious Nepal, visited Victoria Falls and paddled down the Ottawa river. We start this particular adventure in Costa Rica to tackle some very aggressive Class III-IV water on the magnificent river Pacuare. The Pacuare – […]

How to Run a Kayak Rental – Part 3

Part three of our blog in how to run a kayak and canoe rental business looks at the marketing issues and growing the business from start up. There are many ways a small fledgling business can grow and not all through expensive advertising, things such as word of mouth and social media are free, perhaps a website would be advisable […]

The Most Spectacular Places to Take a Kayaking Holiday

Once you’ve gained some confidence in operating a kayak, it’s time to set out on your very own waterway adventure. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful routes to take in your kayak, located all over the world. Although you should always travel with someone else who also has kayaking experience at first, eventually you may feel that you’ve […]

The World’s Best Whitewater for Kayaking – Part 1

Whitewater kayaking has to be one of the most exhilarating sports in the world, definitely it is the Formula One of the paddlers world, for speed, danger and skill. It is man against mother nature at its most brutal and satisfying. So where is the best whitewater around the world? In this blog we travel far and wide to find […]

How to Run a Kayak Rental Business – Part 2

The second part of our blog investigating how to get started and run a kayak and canoe business looks at some of the financial and business issues that need to be addressed if the rental business has a chance of surviving. Income for the business is obviously through rental fees, be they hourly, daily or weekly. The options for the […]