Monthly Archives: July 2018

How to Kayak – Part 1

Kayaking is a pastime enjoyed by many, either in a group activity or just paddling around as part of your leisure time. If you have never tried kayaking before it is never too late to take up this get-up-and-go activity and this blog is concerned with learning the skills, technique and all about the equipment […]

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The World’s Best Whitewater for Kayaking – Part 2

We grab our paddles and kayaks once more in search of the best whitewater the world has to offer. In part one we traveled to mysterious Nepal, visited Victoria Falls and paddled down the Ottawa river. We start this particular adventure in Costa Rica to tackle some very aggressive Class III-IV water on the magnificent […]

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How to Run a Kayak Rental Business – Part 4

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In this edition of our blog how to run a successful kayak and canoe rental business we look at the costs and expenses that are involved in running such a company and the potential profits you can expect. Rental Rates Depending on the size and type of kayak or canoe you hire the general hourly […]

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