Advantages of Inflatable Kayaks

After a long winter, spring has arrived. Now it is only a matter of time before the sun appears at the top of the sky and temperatures continue to rise sharply. Then the ideal time has come for kayakers to plunge into the water. If you do not own a kayak yet, now is the ideal time to buy one. […]

Kayaking Tips For Beginners

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular. But many beginners are wondering how can they step into this sport successfully? What are the main things to must pay attention to if you want to glide through the water with a kayak? The competition sometimes seems a bit intimidating. The entry threshold appears to be high. However, it is not that […]

The Green Side of Canoeing and Kayaking

Taking a canoe out for a few hours is a peaceful retreat often associated with camping or hiking trips. The time spent on the water connects you with nature for a rejuvenating experience. Caring for our surroundings is a priority during our camping activities. Kayaking or canoeing with a green style in mind is a responsibility when visiting outdoor sceneries […]

The Timeless Journey of the Canoe

When you picture a canoe, images of families strolling the creek or exciting races may come to mind. Canoes have been the main camping sidekick for many generations. Weekend plans, gatherings and competitive endeavors have a deeper past than most of us realize. The concept of Canoes have evolved greatly through the years. History is filled with intriguing cultures that […]

A Guide to Canoeing Safely

Canoeing is a fun experience for the entire family. Traveling via water is a summertime delight that most look forward to each year. Whether you are newer to the Canoe scene or a seasoned pro, it is smart to be aware of the potential mishaps that can occur along the way. As much as everyone hopes for a seamless trip […]

Packing Tips for a Canoe Trip

Planning a Canoe trip can have an extensive to do list. Where you are going and what to bring are generally at the top of the agenda. Once the location and dates are chosen, this leads to the daunting task of packing. The Canoeing essentials such as supplies, camping gear and paddles for the river are key components to a […]

The Canoe and Kayak Difference

An adventure such as camping or a weekend hiking expedition will often include a trip down the river. The popular activity of Canoeing or Kayaking is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. You will hear others speak of their trips with enthusiasm and excitement. If you are new to the scene, you may notice there are two sides of the river… […]

The History of the Canoe – Part 2

Continuing our history of the canoe we look how the craft evolved as a leisure boat rather than its earlier role as a workhorse for the fur traders of North America. American sporting magazines and early media built up a demand for canoes as a great method of pursuing leisure activities. Stores sold canoes as a way of getting-away-from-it-all and […]

The History of the Canoe – Part 1

Canoes are always associated with fun and leisure, but it has not always been that way. Originally canoes were made from materials that were close to the waterways that they traveled on. This meant mostly tree bark or animal skins and wood that could be gathered from around the lakes, rivers and beaches that surrounded the waters. Today canoes are […]

How to Kayak – Part 2

The second part of How to Kayak gets more into the pastime of kayaking, how to handle the boats and what safety equipment you would normally use. In part one we learned about what types of materials kayaks are made out of, and what activities they can be used for. Paddles Continuing where we left off regarding paddles, the blades […]