We grab our paddles and kayaks once more in search of the best whitewater the world has to offer. In part one we traveled to mysterious Nepal, visited Victoria Falls and paddled down the Ottawa river. We start this particular adventure in Costa Rica to tackle some very aggressive Class III-IV water on the magnificent river Pacuare.

The Pacuare – Costa Rica

On our journey we have not tackled true jungle in our whitewater kayaking experience, but The Pacuare in Costa Rica changes all that. The river starts its journey in the Costa Rica highlands and makes its way through thick jungle on the way to its exit in the Caribbean. On route there is a thirty-two mile stretch of Class III-IV whitewater, which is beautifully crystal clear. Parrots can be seen aplenty en-route as other exotic birds and animals. For adventurous kayakers there are small thatched roofed lodges to give shelter as you traverse this great journey but be prepared to share your space with inquisitive local birds and animals.

The White Nile – Uganda

It is hardly surprising that the longest river in the world is home to some of the best whitewater as well. Just below Bujagali Lake there is a twenty mile stretch of water that you can test your whitewater kayaking skills to the very limit. In this part of Uganda you will find some of the biggest and fast flowing rapids in the world, including Nile Special which has been named as the world’s biggest water surf spot. The unusual name came from the local beer that is drunk by tourists, and kayak enthusiasts.

The Grand Canyon – America

The whole point of undertaking and tackling this part of the mighty Colorado river is the most amazing views from this stunning part of the world. The canyon’s beauty never fails to impress around every bend and fork of the river as you paddle along. There is a lengthy two hundred and eighty miles to navigate through, which can take anything from ten to twenty days, and even then, you will need some sort of motor support.

The North Johnstone – Australia

The North Johnstone River flows through some of the most epic rainforest on the planet, the scenery is ancient as this part of the world escaped all the ice ages and forgot other continents. The fifty miles stretch of river takes you through some rugged wilderness before it empties into the Pacific Ocean close to the Great Barrier Reef. Scenery is breathtaking. Don’t forget to enjoy your surroundings. As you kayak down the river you will encounter many Class IV-V waters that will test even the most experienced of paddlers.

We end our epic kayaking adventure here in Australia, along the way we have seen some of the fastest flowing and difficult whitewater anywhere in the world. There have also been splendid sights to behold and marvelous countries visited.